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Promash Text to BeerXML Converter

Darren Robinson (Doc) from developed a powerful Visual Basic script to convert Promash recipe files exported as text to BeerXML format for use with BeerXML compatible programs.

He has graciously posted the script as freeware for use by the brewing community.

To Use This Tool

  1. Open your recipe in Promash and export it as a TEXT file format with ALL text options selected.
  2. Run the visual basic script (link provided below).
  3. Choose the TEXT file Promash format as the Source Recipe.
  4. Choose the BeerXML file to export the recipe as.
  5. Read the BeerXML file into your favorite BeerXML compatible program!

Download Link

Note: This tool is a visual basic script that will work under Windows only.  You may need to download the Microsoft Scripting Host below for your version of Windows to run the script.

    Download Script Here - The latest version of the recipe conversion script.  NOTE: This script is still in BETA test and will be subject to revision.  Please send your comments to Darren  Robinson below.

    Microsoft Windows Scripting Host - You may need this to run Visual Basic Scripts.


     Email: darrenjrobinson @   - if you have comments or questions.

DISCLAIMER: This tool is provided AS IS WITH NO WARRANTY EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.  USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.  This tool and its author are NOT affiliated in any way with Promash, its author or owning company.  Promash is a registered trademark of Sausalito Brewing Company.